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Discussion Questions

After every talk Becky has given us some questions to help guide your discussion – you can find them below:


Imagine you could get an upgrade on life…imagination’s the limit…what
would you change?

Becks says she had some bugs in the system…like being quick
tempered…what bugs have you come across in others?

How much time a day would you ordinarily spend on your phone?

Are you up for taking some of that time this week to explore some
settings that might change life itself? What practical things could you do
this week to make space for that? How can we help you do that?

TALK 1 - Generosity

What do you most often hear people say they don’t have enough of?
Time? Money? Space? Stuff? Clothes? Happiness? Confidence?

What do you wish you had more of?

How do you respond to the idea that you already have more to your
name than most people on the planet?

You can check out the story for yourself in Mark :
Was this widow foolish for putting everything she had into the treasury?

Does this story make you think differently about what you have to offer?

TALK 2 - Humility

Tell a story of a time when people completely lost interest in you – how did you feel?

What do you think makes people significant in our culture?

How do you respond to situations where you feel insignificant? Like Becks? Or differently?

Humility is YOU AHEAD OF ME – what might this look like in your closest relationships?

TALK 3 - Honesty

What stood out to you in this story?

What story do you like to be able to tell about yourself? Any favourite ‘fibs’?!

How highly do you value honesty in others?

How easy do you find it to be honest?

Joseph’s family had been torn apart by deception…Which relationships in your present or future might be affected by your ability to own your uncomfortable truth?

TALK 4 - Forgiveness

Can you think of a time where sorry wasn’t good enough?

Are you someone who finds it easy or difficult to let things go?

Perhaps to reflect on alone: Is it possible you are making somebody in your life jump through hoops? Where did that hoop come from? What do you feel needs to happen in order for you to drop that hoop?

Becks ended the talk by saying that God doesn’t hold up hoops for you. Has this been your experience of God? What hoops do you think God expects you to jump through?

TALK 5 - Trust

What have you been relying on/are you most comfortable relying on? (possibly reflect on alone).

What’s your response to the claim that Jesus is fully reliable?

Would you like to put your trust in him?


1) Begin every day with: God I rely on you today, I trust you do in and for me what I cannot do myself

2) Trust is completed and developed by action – begin to live with those 5 updated settings.

Is there a setting this week which has particularly resonated with you?


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